Why does anyone believe in any religion these days?

Specifically, how can anyone believe in an exclusivist religion?

Why is it so hard just to be polite?

You know, I really am fucking lazy.

I should really stop eating so many Jelly Bellies.

When can I stop worrying about things?

Hey, nice font — what is it?

Should I take a nap, or will that make it hard to sleep tonight?

Salamander-Boy doesn’t have a chance…does he?

Why are so many people so mean?

I need to get to Jo-Ann to get some yarn to make Jan some chemo hats. (Can’t visit of course — not with this cold.)

It never ceases to amaze me that people proclaim the xian god to be a “god of unconditional love,” then claim innumerable conditions to salvation by same god, who was, by the way, depicted as decidedly not loving in the OT.

Why in the name of all that is true and good and beautiful would you CHOOSE to believe a religion that posits an eternal hell? Seriously?

I need to get to Powell’s.

So, Mitt: it’s a bad idea to raise tax rates on interest income, which would only affect people who could afford it, but it’s a good idea to raise taxes so those 47% of Americans who pay no federal income tax (ignoring all the other taxes they do pay) will be forced to chip in, huh? Fuck you, you entitled, over-privileged, smug white boy.

By the way, Mitt: Actually, I wouldn’t mind AT ALL if a presidential candidate paid more taxes than he or she owed. Seriously, wtf?

I ought to feed Peter lunch, and get some for myself.