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the things I think about

Why does anyone believe in any religion these days?

Specifically, how can anyone believe in an exclusivist religion?

Why is it so hard just to be polite?

You know, I really am fucking lazy.

I should really stop eating so many Jelly Bellies.

When can I stop worrying about things?

Hey, nice font — what is it?

Should I take a nap, or will that make it hard to sleep tonight?

Salamander-Boy doesn’t have a chance…does he?

Why are so many people so mean?

I need to get to Jo-Ann to get some yarn to make Jan some chemo hats. (Can’t visit of course — not with this cold.)

It never ceases to amaze me that people proclaim the xian god to be a “god of unconditional love,” then claim innumerable conditions to salvation by same god, who was, by the way, depicted as decidedly not loving in the OT.

Why in the name of all that is true and good and beautiful would you CHOOSE to believe a religion that posits an eternal hell? Seriously?

I need to get to Powell’s.

So, Mitt: it’s a bad idea to raise tax rates on interest income, which would only affect people who could afford it, but it’s a good idea to raise taxes so those 47% of Americans who pay no federal income tax (ignoring all the other taxes they do pay) will be forced to chip in, huh? Fuck you, you entitled, over-privileged, smug white boy.

By the way, Mitt: Actually, I wouldn’t mind AT ALL if a presidential candidate paid more taxes than he or she owed. Seriously, wtf?

I ought to feed Peter lunch, and get some for myself.


I created this blog so I could answer some offensive religious asshole who thought that only jesus-people could be moral and that if god were kicked out of government that there would be wholesale rape, murder, and minor property crimes and our nation would, essentially, collapse. Why do I do this to myself?

I did exchange a few comments, trying to keep the snark to a minimum (I was genuinely abashed when I snarked at the poster’s substitution of “intransigently” for “intrinsically” only to be told that English was his second language).  As usual, the actual thrust of my remarks/arguments/questions were ignored so the person replying could sermonise and evangelise. I tried, what, three times? before I gave my “I give up” post, wherein I nonetheless restated my original point. (Gods, I’m such a wank.) I then made it clear that all their condescending explanations of theology and all their pleas for me to seek god were pointless as I had been there and done that. I resisted going into my entire rant as to why I found their religion to be not only untenable but offensive and morally repugnant, though my first draft was not so restrained. Just waiting now for them to respond with the “not casting pearls before swine” line they used on Nick earlier in the comments. By their love shall ye know them, indeed.

So, in sum. This blog is a sham, my name is not Kat Stone, and everything else in it is absolutely true, to the best of my limited human ability. Knowing me, I’ll probably make a couple more posts where I muse on religion or politics, then I shall either gradually or immediately disappear when I get overwhelmed by everything else.

Le sigh.